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🔔 Notifies New Anime Episode Releases Within Your Own Anime List, Easy to use

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AniTrack is a blazingly fast Discord Bot for notifying new Anime episode releases within your own list.



🔥 Powered By AniList & MyAnimeList

→ Powerful Web Dashboard For Motifying Notify Frequency and Patreon Subscription.
→ /Slash commands are fully documented with their own help descriptions.
→ We support real-time Anime search so you don't have to look up for full Anime name or Anime ID by yourself!
→ You can subscribe to each individual Anime to get pinged when that new Anime episode is released. → And many more... → Support us via Patreon!

Adding Anime Example

📌 Getting Started

→ Adding Anime By /anime add The Anime name can be an Anime ID or Japanese Romaji/English native name and nickname can be anything!
→ Viewing The Anime List /anime list.
→ Subscribing to the Anime /anime subscribe To be pinged on a new episode released!
→ Viewing the subscribe list /anime list subscribe.
→ Wait for the new Anime episode to be released, then the new message here should be sent!

⭐ Commands list, Explains in /help

/anime add
/anime remove
/anime subscribe
/anime unsubscribe
/anime admin setchannel
/anime admin removechannel
/anime admin editpermission
/anime import (Patron-only)
/anime analytics
/anime list

❔ Why & What I can do?

→ I can notify you when Anime's first episode till the last episode is released/aired.
→ I always update the Anime database every 24 hours from AniList.co.
→ We try to make it easy & simple to use as much as possible.
→ I can notify Anime before the first episode is Aired for up to 60 days.
→ You can customize notification time with our web dashboard ( Patron-Only ).
→ All of the slash commands are fully documented when you type "/" in the chat text box.
→ we support Anime querying so you can search Anime right away within Discord without needing to find the Anime ID.
→ Our website and the bot are Blazingly fast! ⚡
→ And many many more...

⚒️ We're in Beta

→ Please Vote us so we can be heard! Thank you. ♥️
→ Join our Support server if there's a bug or need help with using the Bot.

More details & Help page - https://anitrack.co/help

The default notification frequency is
Days: 60, 30, 12, 1
Hours: 12, 4, 1
Min: 30

🔔 Releasing Anime Notification