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Notey ♪

Notey ♪ is a high quality, polished Discord music bot.

 Prefix p!

 Status idle

 Library none

 Made by 4ngel🍁#2769

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Notey ♪!

Notey ♪ provides servers with high quality music!

The bot has some premium features as the p!loop command and the ability to modify the volume with either the p!volume or by using the reaction pannel:

reaction pannel



・ Ability to play/skip/stop/loop songs or other videos.

・ Volume controll.

・ See the lyrics of the current playing song with p!lyrics.

・ Good support. (you should join our support server!)

・ Other usefull commands!

・ High quality, crisp sound.

・ More upcoming sound commands! Such as: minameisjeff, honk, bruh, bruh25, and more.