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Kalisto is a bot primarily designed for moderation of your Discord server whatever it is.

 Prefix !

 Status online

 Library Discord.js

 Made by doublej4337#0

 In 24 Servers

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Kalisto's Security │!

Kalisto is a bot designed primarily for the complete and aesthetic moderation of your servers, whatever they are.

It has a moderation system on both levels which means that after the execution of commands such as warn, kick, ban etc ... the warning message is not only displayed on the server in the living room where the command has been carried out but also in the Mp of the informed user so we have an infallible and safe moderation system for each server.

It has a set of commands useful to a server commands such as embed, say, advice, etc ..... Commands that you will see and understand better by doing !help

It has 24/7 vitality to avoid having an offline bot while managing your server.

And above all a point on which we have worked a lot is the unique, clean design and appreciate a design that will give a new look to your server.

So convinced?