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Kobot is free to use bot which helps you to listen to music without money

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 Library discord.js

 Made by Deleted User 05e62#5705

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Welcome to Kobot Bot

Invite our bot today and see the change for yourself

Kobot Provide You The Best Song Without A Single Panny This bot is made by Chinmay Discord:Chinmay_YT#3972 So Invite This bot to your server and enjoy listening music 😄 Invite this bot And Pls Vote this Bot We worked very hard to make this We will Apreciate it slight_smile

Thank you for checking out


Play the song that user want. .play
Stop the currently playing song
Pause the current playing song and leave from the VC
Resume the current paused song
Skip the current song and play the next song
Show the songs queue
Shuffle the songs queue
Jump tp a song in the queue. .jump
Jump to time in song that user wants. .seek