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UpCity helps you hosting your repl projects! Just Like UptimeRobot The difference is that you can access directly through your Discord App

 Prefix $, /

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by _gx_#0

 In 351 Servers

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UpCity was created on Jun 17, 2021, it's still too young, but I'm sure that with the existence of a UpCity, novice bot developers will be helped, by only using Monitor Bot Your Discord bot can be online 24/7 for free, this is the same system as UptimeRobot, but the difference is that you can directly access it via your discord app directly, and you can also check your lastping.

CommandList :

/add - Add Your Url To Monitor /remove - Remove Your Url From Monitor /code - Code For Creating WebServer To Get URL. /stats - Show Statistic Of All Your Url Projecta /botinfo - About Monitor Bot /total - Show Total Urls Project In Database

And there's more, you can check with the $help command and the view tutorial just use $howtouse command.

New Features : We will be adding more commands soon such as /notify ! And of course we working on glitch uptiming