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PrizmBot is a Utility and Fun bot made by Monochromish#9999 with 💜 | https://prizmbot.tk

 Prefix p!

 Status online

 Library Discord.js

 Made by monochromish#0

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A powerful utility and fun bot with loads of commands and little to no downtime.

More about PrizmBot

PrizmBot is completly free, all commands can be used without a subscription or a premium plan!
PrizmBot has several Moderation, Fun, Games & Utility Commands!
PrizmBot is a must-to have discord bot because PrizmBot has weekly updates and tons of fun commands with which you can interact with your community / server.

Some Commands:

Utility commands such as about, afk, calculator, channelinfo, covid
Game commands such as akinator, battleship, betrayal, chess, fishing, & much more!
Image commands such as achievement, avatar, avatarfusion, deepfry, facepalm, & much more!
Fun commands such as 8ball, ascii, emojify, hack, & much more!
Admin commands such as addemoji, moderatenick, poll!

Credits & Info

PrizmBot has many more features ( trust me, so many that i can't even note them down here ) and more to come, so what are you waiting for? Invite the bot to your server!
PrizmBot was made by Monochromish#9999 ( 500315184510795819 )
Thank you for using PrizmBot