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Hi I'm UltraMonitor, I'm Second Generation Of Monitor Bot. My Prefix Is : e. Fun, Hosting (Repl), And much more

 Prefix e.

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UltraMonitor is the second generation of Monitor Bot. UltraMonitor made on August 14, 2021, In UltraMonitor we have added a helper feature for you developers .
The command list is below :

e.add - add your Project to monitor(only Repl)
e.remove - remove your project from monitor
e.projects - show all of your project
e.stats - show 25 statistic of your Project
e.total - total Project in db
Alt Detector
e.fetch-alts - fetch all the alts account
e.config-alts - Configure alt adding in the server
e.addbot - add your bot to notify
e.removebot - remove your bot from notify
e.channel - set channel where notify
e.list show all list notify in guild
e.github - github account information
e.npm - NPM package info
e.djs - Search the discrod.js docs
e.playstore - show playstore information of your given name
e.appstore - show appstore application information of your given name
e.movie - get the information about series and movie
__And many more, you can see More Details e.help