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BeeHive utilizes artificial intelligence to manage servers by analyzing chat, images, and user behavior before taking action to guard.

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 Library discord.py

 Made by doubleohfuck#4713

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BeeHive is a Python Discord Bot designed to simplify your server management experience by offering a comprehensive selection of moderation features, music, games, and more all powered by AI. BeeHive’s AutoMod is one of the smartest in the game, detecting toxicity, racism, sexually explicit language, and more in chat. Additionally, BeeHive is able to scan images for nudity, offensive content, content used to defraud users or impersonate users, violent content, weapons, alcohol, drugs, and more. If you are looking to run a server as easily as possible, no matter how large, BeeHive is the new bot for you!

Summary of Features:

AI AutoMod

Chat Analysis

Image Analysis

Customizable AutoMod

Link and invite filtering

Raid detection



…and more!