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Chronium Backup Bot

a discord bot made for backing up your server channels and messages

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 Library discord.js

 Made by devilmikunakano4790#0

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Chronium Backup Bot

Made by IDK Devlopment

Coded by Erick


  • create backups this backup have all roles,channels,messages and categories saved.

  • load backups this will load all roles,channels,messages and categories from the created backup.

  • backups info get the original server name from the backup. get the server size from the backup. get the server backup created at from the backup.

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Note: I tried to make it a lot similar to another discord server back bot known as XENON
also the normal version of the bot did not backup the messages so i decided to make my own one and here you can see the output of my hard work of coding it
i coded it in 1 week i have taken really hard work so please dont say it is not at all  good just a bad bot.