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A single-purpose bot to combat against phishing links such as Discord gift links and Steam trading links.

 Prefix !d

 Status online

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 Made by hugonun#0

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This bot will automatically remove links that are or might be phishing links, while also giving you the tools to add links yourself to be blacklisted or whitelisted.

At its current state, the bot will remove all links that:

  • are listed in the global blacklist file
  • end with a domain using the .gift or .gifts TLD

More features to combat phishing links are planned!

The source code, global blacklist and global whitelist can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/hugonun/delink-bot


Configurations: addlink Add a link to the custom white/black list removelink Remove a link from the custom white/black list

View lists: blacklist View the current blacklisted links, globally and local. whitelist View the current whitelisted links, globally and local.


!d addlink blacklist fakediscordlink.com

To test the bot, you can try messaging a fake scam link:

Testing - https://fakediscord.gift