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The best discord music bot that is easy to use and doesn't skip on features!

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 Library discord.py

 Made by adrian_czaja#0

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▰ Do you want to be a part of a new and upcoming Discord music bot? ▰ ▰ We are here to grow together and make this bot the best it can be with your help! ▰

🎵 Welcome to Jukebox! Where we only play 100% real music.

🎵With Jukebox you get to play your favorite songs! Choose from either a list of songs or have Jukebox choose the song automatically. For more information visit https://jukeboxbot.com/

🎵If you are feeling the need to just dance a little more and want to support us and get that that extra spice when it comes to Discord music bots you can upgrade to premium and while you may think that we just asking you to buy it, that is not our mission, we are working on implementing a yearly charity system where you guys (the community) gets to vote where a percentage of donations gets to go to! Not only this but you get to support the Jukebox team which will be focusing super hard on making your music experience the best it can be by upgrading the bot and making everything smooth!