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A powerful bot you'll ever need for anything ==> **Invite** Click button or https://bit.ly/terrasectbot Now

 Prefix a! , amt

 Status online

 Library discord.py

 Made by infinotiver#0

 In 31 Servers

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Bettter Experience With Tessarect

Features at a glance

+150+ Commands +80% Uptime. +Support Server +Abuser Proof: Abusers get blacklisted +User Friendly. +Customizable


Economy Bot Supports various economy commands like balance , send , rob to make the server more interactive

Utility Commands Commands to make your work easier and faster like avatar{user} gets the avatar of the mentioned user

Leveling System Enjoy and use Tessarect 's leveling system for your server . Make a rank system

Fun Commands Enjoy various fun commands such as ascii font , emojify , avatar lookup , info or play tictactoe with someone

Ticket System Is your Server messed up with feedback? Or do you not know where is a particular Suggestion? Or you are bored with one channel for suggestion which is filled with messages? If you answered any of these questions in yes , We are here to help you . Tessarect Provides a ticketing system so people can use the command [prefix]new to make a ticket and support team roles can close them . And mUch More MADE FOR all your needs from ticket system to FunUtility

Starting Up type a!help or mention bot to know prefix , do a!stats for getting stats . a!setup for basic configuration