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A best giveaway bot for your server with 24x7 Uptime

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Erica Giveaways Command List & Guide for the Bot

Giveaway Commands :

/Start :- Start a giveaway in your guild!

/Edit :- Edit an already running giveaway !

/End :- End an already running giveaway !

/List :- List all the giveaways running in Server !

/Pause :- Pause an already running giveaway !

/Reroll :- Reroll an ended giveaway !

/Resume :- Resume a paused giveaway !

General Commands : /Help :- Shows all available commands to this bot !

/Invite :- Get the bot's invite link!

/Ping :- Check the bot's websocket latency!

/Stats :- Check the bot's stats!

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