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A feature packed bot designed to improve your server! Includes customizable giveaways, statistic commands, utility commands and more!

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 Made by deleted_user_4d65536b2c74#0

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What is Tohru?

Tohru is a multi-purpose discord bot that mainly features a unique giveaway system.

General Commands 📋

/avatar - Get the avatar of a user /help - How to use Tohru /stats - Information about Tohru /support - Join the support server /invite - Invite Tohru to your server /ping - Check the bot's ping

Server Commands ⚙️

/emojis - View the emojis on a server /membercount - View the member count for a server /server - Configure your server /invitecodes - Get the invite codes created by a user /configuration - View a server's current configurations

Giveaway Commands 🎉

/giveaway create - Create a giveaway /giveaway delete - Remove a giveaway /giveaway end - End a giveaway /giveaway reroll - Get a new winner for a giveaway /giveaway edit - Edit the length of an existing giveaway /giveaway drop - Create a drop giveaway /giveaway list - List all running giveaways on a server

Links 🔗

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