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High quality music player

 Prefix !

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by - Enterprise#8165

 In 50 Servers

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a simple and powerful discord music bot with persian lang. with the ability play high quality msic and support Youtube, Soundcloud, Sporify, http urls, local files and discord attachment media (music or video) link ad also other links... aslo have bassboost filter In addition to Perfix, you can use slash commands and enjoy the high speed and quality of music playback on your server.

• commands (Commands all include command slash)

• Bot:

!help: Get help for commands

!info: Information about Bot

!invite: Invite Bot

!usage: Bot Status

!support: Join server support of Bot

• music:

!play: Play music

!nowplaying: Show currely music playing

!volume[0-100]: Set music volume

!bassboost[b1, b2, b3, b4]: Set bassboost filter for music

!clear: Clear queue

!disconnect: Disconnect bot from voice channel

!loop: Enable loop mode for music

!pause: Pause the currely music

!queue: Show queue of playing list in server

!remove: Remove music from playlist

!resume: Resume the, paused music

!save: Save the currely music

!search: Search the music

!seek[ex: 1m 20s]: seek music for example: !seek 1m 20s

!skip: Skip the currely music

!skipto[number]: Skip to favorite music in playlist with number