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ToD is a bot that generates random truths or dares to allow consumers to have fun with family and friends!

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ToD (Truth or dare)

ToD stands for Truth or Dare, the bot is a multi-functional anime Discord bot with different command categories other than truth or dare. ToD is made to help servers by providing fun truth or dare question, the questions range from hilarious pre-programmed responses such as "Go outside and argue with a tree", to "Take a shot of mustard or ketchup.".

Along with that, ToD has anime commands including a anime lookup command, and multiple image generation commands, with more to come.

Simple Usage

ToD is a simple plug n play, just invite the bot to your server, and you should be able to use the commands immediately. If you have any issues with using the bot, feel free and hop into the support server, and we'll sort you out.