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Meowbahh Bot

Meowbahh Bot is a braindead bot that will get your laughs going

 Prefix ++

 Status online

 Library discord.py

 Made by idiotcreaturehater#0

 In 94 Servers

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Meowbahh is a brainless bin bot where you can harass it all you want. You can make her trash and you can ask Meowbahh questions with dumb responses

Have fun with this 0 iq bot and make her trash

  • Make Me Trash
  • I can answer your questions with ++askmeow with over 100 responses
  • I can play dumb song edits that our community made (most are edited by the creator. Other edits were used with permission) (BONUS SONGS INCLUDED)
  • See Bad User arts from our community.
  • See Memes of Bad Users
  • We currently support English
  • No NSFW content so more audience can use it.
  • No Setup Required
  • And Finally..... Make Me Trash

Here are the main commands of the bot

  • ++askmeow - Ask Meowbahh anything with lots of 0iq responses
  • ++art - To see Bad User hate art from our community.
  • ++say - Make the bot say anything you want.
  • ++badusermeme - Get a Meme of a Bad user like Meowbahh or Lisa Gaming Roblox.
  • ++baduserfact - Get a fact about Bad Users.

Why should I invite this Meowbahh bot?

If you agree that Meowbahh needs to be cancelled for his bad actions, this bot is perfect for you. Also we have some COOL features like:

  • Run by awesome devs that would love to answer your questions/Awesome Support.
  • A one of a kind bot that is extremely rare to find (At least to the public)
  • 99%+ Uptime Guarenteed.
  • Higher quality bot for a Bad User bot. (Especially for a Meowbahh Hater which is almost everyone)
  • Almost everything here is FREE.

So what are you waiting for? Invite our Meowbahh bot today.



The reason we made this bot is because the real Meowbahh loves saying slurs and wishing peoples deaths. Everyone wanted to cancel him (since Meowbahh is exposed for being a man) so I want to spread this awareness that Meowbahh needs to be cancelled for the things he did. If you do not believe me, look up proof on Youtube.

Credits to https://bullyme.xyz/ for partial inspiration.