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Ali Mascot#7871 Avatar

Ali Mascot

Ali the interactive musical mascot to get the party started on your server

 Prefix /

 Status offline

 Library Node.js

 Made by ! PENNY#4460

 In 57 Servers

 Votes 6

 Support ServerJoin

Ali has interactive commands

For bot help use /info-help

To use the rps command use /fun-rps

For music commands

First use /music-join because /music-play won't do it.

To use the loop use /music-loop

The bot will give you 3 buttons and you have to choose one of them

To pause and resume the music

/music-pause: stop the current music by pausing it

/music-resume: resume the current music

Music detection

/music-stop: stops the music and clears the queue (It is recommended to disable the loop otherwise it will repeat the current song again)

/music-leave: Same as stop function stops the music and clears the queue and also the bot leaves the voice or stage channel.


/info-ping, /info-uptime, /info-stats gives the precise info about the bot status.

Ali wants to encourage your server why not adopt her and help her to be a great bot, invite her now!