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Boost Your Discord Server's Reach with WeBump! 🚀

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  • WeBump! Is dedicated to providing fast and reliable joins to your server! With a simple and clean layout to help you.
  • Set up your server faster than any other bump bot on discord! With a low-profile command layout, you can start bumping within seconds of adding the bot

Why's us? We offer:

🎀・ Simple and clean layout 🚀・ Fast and reliable joins 🕒・ 2 hour cool-down 📈・ 24/7 Uptime & Support


Command Description Usage
/bump Bumps this server to all other servers in the WeBump! network. No Parameters
/color Set a custom HEX color for the embed. Hex Code
/description The description of your server. text bio
/channel Channel for all the sent bumps. channel mention
/tag Tag(s) that represent your server.
2 tags
/language The primary language of your server. Language