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Mewbot is the pokemon bot you've been looking for to spice up your server

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 Library Discord.py

 Made by skylarr#6666, Flame#2941, Dylee#0354, NeuroA#4779, Rootspring#6701

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  • User vs User duels

    Nearly all Moves working as intended including secondary effects! Abilities working as intended as well! All status effects working as intended! Both 1v1 and 6v6 (party) style duels working!

  • NPC Dueling

    Test your skill alone and square off vs bot controlled NPC's to gain some credits!

  • Daily Missions

    Complete missions to earn credits-and missions are reset daily.

  • Game-Corner

    Try your luck in our Game-Corner, where you can gamble your coins for a large payout...or no payout.

Mewbot is the perfect bot to increase your server activity and a great way to build a community and compete against others!

Multiple updates weekly according to users suggestions in the official server, as well as extremely helpful bot staff to help with any question you might have.

We’ve been around longer than any of the competition and always growing and building. Our experienced team of devs are part of our community and in touch with what is wanted.

Exclusive Radiant Pokemon Artwork

Radiant Pokemon

Only in Mewbot!

Radiant Pokemon

Made by our Community Art Team!

Radiant Pokemon

꧁Official Support Server꧂:

We have channels for dueling, battles, trading, breeding and more! Don't miss out on the giveaways and events! We are an active and friendly community that welcomes and offers our support to trainers! We offer support 24/7 on the official server, in the form of actual person to person support. Our support team is ready to assist with any problems you might run into, and if they are not able to resolve the issue, our staff team is ready to assist as well.

Mewbot is always evolving with our hard working development team who are always adding new content and fixing bugs.

Have an idea/feature you think would be a great addition to the bot? We have a suggestion channel where you can input your ideas! We are always looking forward to listening to the community as you guys know what you want best!

꧁Our Other Servers꧂
We are happy to offer multiple servers for specific purposes to our active members! Each one being a unique resource to take advantage of that you cant find anywhere else.

Mewbids Auction House: Auction and bid for rare Pokémon, a great place to earn credits and find Pokémon you've been searching for!

Official Gym Challenge: Battle Mewbot's strongest players in hopes of being that season’s champion and earn some unique and exclusive rewards such as shiny pokemon, credits, and sometimes even more.