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Kwarter !

There is Kwarter !, a bot with several features combining its strengths

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There is Kwarter !

A bot with several features combining its strengths which are :

🤖 Automation with... :

  • Very powerful and effective protection systems, such as antibots, anticaps, antiembed, antiwebhooks, banwords, antilinks, antiinvites, antiunban, antiiyoungusers, antizalgo, and many others to discover.

  • A system of autoroles, allowing you to automatically add a role of your choice either to new members or to new bots or both, as well, if you want to automatically add a role to new members, and another role for new bots you can. :p

👾 The tiny...

What am I saying, the incredible possibility of configuring the prefix as you see fit up to a maximum of 10 characters.

⭐ The prodigious possibility of :

  • adding people among trusted people ( accessible with the TRUST command )

  • adding "owners" ( accessible with the OWNER command )

  • allowing privileged access to the protection and configuration commands for them. trusted people and "owners".

☝ī¸ Help with the...

  • Administration of your server, to make your server better, more efficient and simplistic.

  • Moderation of your server, to ban, expel and properly moderate malicious, evil and mischievous people.

đŸ–ŧī¸ Commands of Images

  • Cats 🐱
  • Dogs đŸļ
  • Images of expressions 😜
  • And many other things to discover by yourself. ✨

🕹ī¸ Entertainment commands

To have fun with Kwarter !, all day long ( yes, well, still not too much eh, enjoy your days too 😄 ).

đŸĻž Utilities commands

  • Always more numerous and which will be useful for everyone, not a single one will be excluded from the list to benefit from them, the list is long, there is something to do. 🙂

  • Contains a total of 126 commands, THAT'S HUGE ! ( even if the number will go down, to make way for better order management 😄 )

đŸ“Ĩ The import of

Unique commands, refined, complete and numerous explanations.

🔄 Updates all the time

  • So as not to allow people who would like to take advantage of nasty bugs, glitches, whatever you want, to put your server at risk, and especially to make it nightmarish ( at the same time, it's not very cool đŸ˜Ļ ).

So, what are you waiting for to add Kwarter ! to your server ? It is on more than 110 servers and it will of course have a long way to go with you, for a long time and it will be useful to you during the most dangerous and hostile cases ! 🙂