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This cool bot has a lot of cool features for moderation, fun, and more!

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DeezGunz Discord Bot

Cool Features!

Commands are added frequently, so make sure to check the help embed on the DeezGunz bot for a more descriptive version of all of the commands! All commands below are used with the prefix, "$"

Fun and Misc. Commands

add - x + y!

birdfacts - Facts about Birds!

birdimage - Get some Bird images!

botlists - View the websites that I am listed in!

bubblewrap - Popping Bubblewrapping is fun!

catfacts - Facts about Cats!

catimage Get some Cat images!

decodebinary - Decode messages in Binary!

decrypt - Decrypt messages in Base64!

divide - x / y!

dm - DM a member in your server!

dogfacts - Facts about Dogs!

dogimage - Get some Dog images!

echo - Echo any statement or phrase!

encodebinary - Encode a phrase in Binary!

encrypt - Encrypt messages in Base64!

flex - Flexing DeezGunz

flip - Flip a coin!

foxfacts - Facts about Foxes!

germanshepherdimage - Get some German Sheperd images!

goldenretrieverimage - Get some Golden Retriever images!

guess - Guess a random number from 1 to 100!

invite - Invite me to your server!

isFib - Is a in the Fibbonaci Sequence?

joke - Get some hilarious jokes!

koalafacts - Facts about Koalas!

lyrics - Find out song lyrics!

meme - Get some dank memes!

mirror - Mirror any statement or phrase!

multiply - x * y!

number - Get a random number from 1 to 100!

pandafacts - Facts about Pandas!

pandaimage - Get some Panda images!

ping - Find out my ping!

power - a to the power of b!

prefix - Get my prefix!

rap - Get some cool raps made by Chillz!

root - √x = y!

server - Go to my owner's server!

servers - Shows my servers!

shibeimage - Get some Shibe images!

stats - View my statistics!

story - Read to the one word story!!

subtract - x - y!

support - Go to my support server!

userinfo - Get raw data about you!

weather - Get the weather in an area!

website - View my website!

Moderation Commands

ban Ban someone from your server!

kick Kick someone out of your server!

warn Warn someone in your server!