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GameTracker Pro

Second bot of the GameTracker(Bot). With this bot you can control your game server very easily, which is

 Prefix g!

 Status online

 Library discord.py

 Made by cercva3125#0

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New GameTracker bot gives you oppurtinity to refresh stats from gametracker.com in every 15 minute and give you stats about your game servers. Here i will write bot features. First i want to clarify that you can use only 5 game server ip.

g!voiceauto ip:port ⚫The bot will create new voice channels and update them.

g!delvoiceip ip:port ⚫As i mentioned you can use only 5 game server ip and if you want to remove ip from database you can use this command.

g!embedauto ip:port ⚫The bot will create embed and update them.

g!delip channel_id ⚫Copy channel id where module is running and use command.

g!messageauto ip:port ⚫The bot will send a message to channel where the command is written

g!messagelog mention channel or write channel id ⚫If you are using messageauto module and you want to see changed stats in every 15 minutes use messagelog command. If you want to delete ip use g!delip command

g!dellog channel id ⚫If you want to delete log channel

g!onlineplayers ip:port ⚫The bot will send online players, names, scores and how many hours they are playing. If you want to delete it use g!delip command.