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DoorBanger, a bot with Economy, Gambling, Music, Memegen, and games!

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 Library Discord.py

 Made by koalaasnipes6006#0, skot6579#0, sufferedm8#0

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DoorBanger, a bot with no restrictions! We offer Economy, Gambling, Music with all premium features unlocked!

  • Autoplay! Discover new songs!
  • Economy
  • Gambling (Flip the coin)
  • Youtube live streams, playlists, and videos
  • Spotify playlists or track loading with the ability to load featured playlists and view them
  • free 24/7
  • meme generator (such as "why are you gay?" and more)
  • anime generator
  • always updating
  • has multiple regions, so lower latency
  • lyrics support
  • has math solvers that help you get the answer fast!
  • change prefix by tagging the bot (ex: @Doorbanger ~)
  • Anime waifu generator ("~help Anime" for more info)
  • comes with a few games such as Guess that pokemon! (~wtp)