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A multipurpose bot w/ multiple features such as 8ball & moderation such as kicking, banning.

 Prefix .

 Status online

 Library discord.py

 Made by aka_ash1#0

 In 92 Servers

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This bot has everything needed to run a server! From kicking and banning to 8ball and even a calculator, users will have a lot of fun with this bot! This bot will make moderators' lives way easier by using the bot to kick and ban people! The bot's prefix is ".". So that will be easier to the people who would like to use/test the bot. However, if you need help with the commands, use the .help command. If you see any mistakes/need help, please join the support server for this bot. Please also join the support server after you add this bot to your server(s). So please add this bot to your server and you and your peers will love it!