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A simple and have multi-function discord bot! Minigames , Music , Fun Images , And More!

 Prefix gh(space)

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by ChinGH#2459

 In 64 Servers

 Votes 588

 Support ServerJoin

Hi user! My name is CGH, and I hopefully can help you on your Discord server! Check out my commands by typing "gh help" ! I will continue to update the bot to get command more functions!

Examples of the bot functions:

  • Minigames | Fun [ rps, tictactoe, button calculator, dinochrome ]

  • Fun Images [ random meme images, color, trigger gif, panda ]

  • Search / checker commands [ weather, youtube, spotify tracker, covid tracker, userinfo ]

  • Slash Commands! [ /userinfo, /meme, /avatar ]