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A chill, easy to use music bot that will even play 24/7!

 Prefix /

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 Library discord.py

 Made by graxe.#0

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Cade Information

Cade is a discord music bot. Thats it. Nothing special.


The commands are simple. We legit use / commands as discord are going to remove prefix commands. See, we are keeping up. :)


New Commands /stop


Q) Cade is offline, what should I do?
A) Cry about it. No. Report it to us or check the status on our support server!

Q) Will there ever be Cade Premium? A) No, we do not want to make profit of this bot, made it only out of boredom!

Q) Can I get a Job at Cade? A) You will be able to soon! Once we launch our Careers Program, yes!

FAQ Will be updated every few days.


To contribute please DM one of the developers for permission and be able to contribute to Cade!