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The perfect Discord Bot to make moderation easier for you. You can do anything from mute all the way to playing rock paper scissors. So why not inv...

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❓ | What is YourMod?

YourMod is a multifunctional, easy-to-use Discord Bot with a wide range of different yet fun capabilities. You can easily moderate your Discord Server in just a few words. While being able to auto moderate it for you, you can manually moderate members to make sure that you have a nice friendly environment. With YourMod watching over your server, it will make you and your members feel safer from attacks. You can do anything from muting a member, to playing rock paper scissors.

🔨 | Moderation:

If you ever need to lock down your server or kick a member, you can do all of this with a simple and easy-to-remember command to ensure you have a friendly server. Feeling generous? Why not host a giveaway for your members?

🎮 | Games / Fun Commands:

You can play rock paper scissors with the bot or even play guess the number. YourMod has endless possibilities. You can see other users' avatars and experience a wide range of fun APIs to have a laugh in your Discord Server.

🎟️ | Ticket System

Does your server need a support system? YourMod has that sorted. You can use our easy-to-use ticket system to keep your server running smoothly.

💻 | Support Server:

YourMod has an amazing support server where if you have any issues or questions, we can answer within 24 hours. Our support server can be found in YourMod's bio. Support Server - https://discord.gg/5uybSyzZ89

⚙️ | Utility Commands

You can check out a user's avatar in a bigger picture by running a very simple command and do much more with YourMod in your server.

🤖 | Summary:

Overall, YourMod is an easy-to-use, amazing bot that will keep your server safe and can make it fun at the same time.

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