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A multi-purpose discord bot for managing invites in your Discord server.

 Prefix +

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by deleted_user_b928d57505fa#0

 In 84 Servers

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InvitePlus is a multi-purpose Discord bot that got severals features for moderating your discord server and managing his member's invites:

So here is some features that InvitePlus got:

→ Administration : Administrate your server by the helpful commands of InvitePlus, you can customize the language of the bot, change the prefix, sync the invites and more!

→ Moderation : InvitePlus got some commands for moderating your server like ban members, kick, unban etc.

→ General Commands : It's got a lot of useful features, like to see the leaderboard of the invites of the server, a graph is also available for seeing the growing of your server every month and more!

→ Configuration : Of course, for managing the invites in your server you must configurate a join channel/message, and with InvitePlus it's very easy to configure! You just have to type the configjoin/configdm command and the bot will take care of everything! you just have to specify your message and your channel! :)

If you beed more help, join our Support server by clicking here and a web dashboard will be soon available!