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🎶 Free 24/7 Discord Music Bot with high Quality

 Prefix hal.

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 Library discord.py

 Made by saria2561#0

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Halogen - Next Generation Music Bot

Halogen streams any song from YouTube directly to your Voice Channel - In very good quality!
Alongside that, we have some other Features we're proud of:

  • grab a Playing song: Ah yes, that feeling of listening to an absolute banger in VC but then not remembering its name... That's
    Why I implemented the hal.grab command: It Not only grabs the currently playing song's name, but also it's creator and Video URL!
  • Volume with no limits! : Sometimes, if you really love the song, you might want to go louder than 100% Volume... and now you can! Always wanted to murder your ears by setting the Volume to the 64-bit-Integer Limit (18446744073709551615)? No Problem!

And upcoming next...

I have HUGE plans for Halogen... for example, wouldn't spotify and SoundCloud Support be cool? Make sure to add the Bot to your Features
and never miss anything again!