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ReeF Prime

A Multipurpose bot packed with super advanced features and fill every need in your Server!

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 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by loopglitch#0

 In 83 Servers

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The defination of multipurpose - ReeF Prime ReeF Prime exists to help you and your server members to make their discord experience better.

  • Information Commands: Commands to give you information about user/server or alot of other things using the bot

  • Utility Commands: Commands ranging from tracking invites and messages to adding emojis from other servers

  • Fun Commands: Commands to entertain user in your server from creating image affects

  • Economy System: Earn coins from earning commands and earn badges in your bot profile

  • Mini Games: Advanced PvP commands to Play with other members in your Server

  • Setup Commands: Advanced systems ranging from Selfrole system to anti nuke and anti server raid systems

  • Moderation Commands: Moderation commands from fetching server bans to adding roles to everyone / adding nickname to everyone

  • Admin Commands: Commands for server admins to enable / disable systems like auto role to auto delete systems and chatbot system

  • Ticket System: Advacned ticket system with custom title, description and custom button name and other commands required for tickets

  • Giveaway System: Giveaway system and commands to moderate the giveaways

  • Global Leveling: Global leveling system which can be enabled / disabled server wise