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FluxBot was made for making your server management more easier and funnier! FluxBot is a completly free bot with a lot of functionnalities!

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 Library discord.js

 Made by noahprm#0

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🚀 Introducing FluxBot - Streamlining Simplicity for Discord!

Unlock a new level of management with FluxBot, your all-in-one Discord companion designed for effortless control and seamless simplicity.

🔑 Key Features

  • Streamlined Commands: Execute commands smoothly without the hassle.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Elevate your Discord server experience for both you and your members.

🚀How to Get Started

  1. Invite FluxBot to your server using this link.
  2. Type /help to explore a world of simplified commands.

You can find us here!

Discover the power of simplicity with FluxBot - Your Discord, Your Way!