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Celesta ✔ easy-to-use multifunctional Discord bot!

 Prefix | and @me

 Status online

 Library Discord.js

 Made by igiantpanda#0

 In 230 Servers

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Prefix @Celesta is only for AI Chat Bot and | for other commands.

Celesta is a powerful Discord bot! It's designed for the multipurpose to make Discord easier to use and to have a great experience.


  • Help = |help :Displays a list of available commands with detailed information for a specific command.


  • Invite = |invite :Invite Clesta Responds with the bots invite links.

  • Avatar = |avatar, |avatar @mention :Responds with a users avatar.

  • Advanced Poll = |createpoll | option 1 | option 2 :Create advanced poll upto 10 options.

  • Announcement = |announcement <#channel> :Do announcement in a specific channel.

  • Stats = |stats :Sends information about the server., |stats , |stats @mention :Sends information about an user.

  • Facts = |fact :Responds with a random fact.

  • Motivational Quotes = |quote :Responds with a random motivational quote.

  • Icon = |servericon :Get the current server icon.

  • User Count = |userserver :Get the current server users with name.

  • Wikipedia = |wikipedia :Searches Wikipedia for something.

  • Rules = |rule :Responds with a random rule.

  • Memes = |meme :Responds with a random meme.

  • Jokes = |joke :Responds with a random joke.

  • Photos = |cat :Responds with a random cat image., |dog :Responds with a random dog image., |fox :Responds with a random fox image., |duck :Responds with a random duck image., |goose :Responds with a random goose image., |shibe :Responds with a random shibe image., |panda :Responds with a random panda image., |bird :Responds with a random bird image., |koala :Responds with a random koala image.

  • AI = @Celesta <message> :Mention Celesta (@Celesta) message Talk to AI Application.

  • Create Embed Messages = |create <#channel> <message> :Create embed messages and send into a specific channel.

  • Moderation = |kick @mention :Kicks a user from the server., |ban @mention :Bans a user from the server., |unban <ID> :Unbans a user from the server., and |clear <number of message's> :Delete messages upto 100 per command.

  • Slowmode = |slowmode <duration> :Restricts current channel message interval.

  • Ping and Pong = |ping :Responds with a Pong!.

  • Create Messages = |say <message> :Create messages by the Celesta.

  • Fun = |meow... :Responds with a cat animated emoji.

  • Poll = |poll <message> :create simple poll.

  • Welcome = |welcome @mention :Welcomes the user you tag or mention.

  • Coin Flip = |coinflip :Flips a random coin (either heads or tails).

  • Music = |play [title/url], |search [title], |skip, |stop, |pause, |resume, |nowplaying, |queue and |loop :Play high quality music.

Updates and Announcements will show up here.


Note: You must have an administrator role in a server or permission to manage the server, allowing you to add Celesta to a custom server. make sure you’re logged in to the right account in the web browser when adding Celesta. https://discord.com/login

Click Invite Link or on Image.

Choose your server. If your server is not listed, try refreshing and repeating the steps.

  • Click "Authorize"

  • Complete the captcha

  • Now you should be able to see the authorized message.

Support Server: Need help? Got questions or to request a new feature? Join the support server to receive assistance.

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