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Let your server gets high level with Hino!

 Prefix h.

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by morgan.so#0

 In 104 Servers

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Let your server gets high level with Hino!

• Fast API!
• Fast support!
•Best Music API!
• More than 60 commands!
• Modern commands style!
• Fast database connection!
• Supporting new Discord API!
• Classic Website
• Best API connection!
• Supporting Discord buttons and Discord reply message
• Discord.js v13!
• Node js v16!
• Long uptime
• Good API ping
• Command handler
• Modern reply and respond
• Supporting My Anime List API
• Auto restart
• Fast responds
• Fast database requester and fetcher
• Good Privacy policy
• Supporting Embed webhocks

Moderation, Economy, Music, Fun, Informations, Images, Server greeting, Anime, Roleplay, Nsfw, Profile Commands!
Website: https://hino.gq/