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Rellx || Mod

Easy to use bot for fun and moderation

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 Library Discord.js

 Made by verify2657#0

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Help Lists available commands, Kick [@user] [reason] Kicks the mentioned user, Ban [@user] [reason] Bans the mentioned user, Mute [@user] Mutes the mentioned user, Unmute [@user] Unmutes the mentioned user, DeleteChannel [#channel] Deletes the mentioned channel, DeleteRole [#channel] Deletes the mentioned role, Nuke [#channel] Deletes the channel and makes it again , SendEmbed Sends an embed message, UserInfo Displays the user's information, ChannelInfo Displays the channel's information, RoleInfo [role-name] Displays info for the role, Slap [@user] Slaps the mentioned user, FlipCoin Returns "Heads" or "Tails", GenNumber [min] [max] Returns a random number, Ticket Creates a ticket channel for admins to help, purge [Amount of msg] Deletes the amount of msg you want deleted, Kick and bans wont work if the role Rellx is not above the member you want to kick/ban.