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A simple Discord Bot with a lot of functionnality (and his new settings system)

 Prefix . (editable)

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by Flymeth#9284

 In 0 Servers

 Votes 102

 Support ServerJoin


A cool discord bot that can be used for moderation, information or just for fun :)

  • prefix: . (editable)

some commands

  • randomUser (get a guild random member)
  • roletoall (add/remove a role to every guild's members)
  • perms (see permission of a user)
  • infos (get information about a user/server/role/channel)

Beta featrues:

  • game (play games with the bot)


The settings command isn't like the others bots: More informations with .settings help


If you mention the bot, it'll respond with his prefix.


CLICK HERE if you find a bug or if you have a suggestion :)


Hi! I'm Flymeth, a little developper of 16yo. I love programmation & html code. You can visit my website to learn more about me by clicking here

Please note that this bot is in early access. In future i'll add more and more commands/options. You can vote for this bot if you want or share it if you want too.

I'll also add a website for this bot, but it's not the priority.