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Boost your server engagement with Nya! Have fun with economy, restaurant games and chatbot! Everything in one :D

 Prefix [/] Slash commands

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by loom#1902

 In 20 Servers

 Votes 146

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Nya! Boost your server

Nya is one of the best server engagement and game bot available on the platform, it offers great economy features, a very cool mini-game and even a very very dum chatbot! It's based around the new Discord Interactions!

Start using Nya

You can start by doing /profile which will give you access to a little description and stats about your profile. If you wanna modify your restaurant, enter /restaurant modify, choose an option and fill in the fields. Finally, to work and gain some money, simply use /work. You can explore all the commands by entering / and scrolling through the menus. More are on the way! Nya also comes in 5 different languages and more are coming soon! Wait is UwU a language?


The world of Nya is based around a coin named the cod. Yes, the fish. It allows you to buy cookies, dozens of differents items as well as boosters for your restaurant! Someone said restaurant?


Nya includes a very compelete game of restaurant management. You are a cook, (apparently you know how to cook) and you can work every day to earn cod, buy better food to serve your customers, and upgrade your rating (soon)


Finally, Nya has a brain. It's not big but it's there. You can talk to her using /chatbot [message] and finally have a friend! Have fun

Made with love by loom4k#0001 and magma#5090



Chatbot demonstration


Work demonstration

4 Different languages:

Lang demonstration