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Earn money with your Discord Servers

 Prefix ads!

 Status online

 Library DiscordPHP

 Made by alifersito#0

 In 68 Servers

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What is it?
Adscord is a Discord bot that allows you to generate income in Bitcoin with your servers while rewarding members.

How it works?
➳ Members of your server will see ads to earn coins.
➳ They will exchange the coins for gifts like roles or speccial messages.
➳ Every time they see an ad, you earn money.

How to install

  1. Add the bot to your server.
  2. Execute ads!help command.
  3. Register your server on Adscord.
  4. ¡Start to earn money!

    More info
    Web: https://adscord.chijete.com/en