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Koushi A bot that can have fun

 Prefix ko!, mention

 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by tywia#0

 In 49 Servers

 Votes 0

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Hello, kouhai can be a fun bot to use, To begin using kouhai use ko!help.

kouhai is still in development.

I tried to keep kouhai a bug-free bot!

commands Categorys





General commands

linkshortener, suggest, vote

Images commands

pfpblur, pfpclear ,reddit , wanted, woof

Information commands

about, genshin, lovelive, ping, privacy, serverinfo


_8ball, animequote, cleverbot, coin compliment, fox, google, kangaroo, meme, panda, roll, wasted

and more! I work on kouhai everyday, so that means more commands and bug fixes.

If you have any suggestions use the command "ko!suggest" to suggest. kouhai may have a support server in the future but for now, It does not have one.