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Most High quality and most feature packed music system. Play from spotify, deezer, apple music, youtube, soundcloud and more!

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 Made by ahnet#0

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Blep was created after the death of its old Brother Blip which was un-verified from Discord since it had the snipe command which crushed user's privacy. We have made a new bot since we do not give up. Blep is a multipurpose bot that can do anything.

MUSIC SYSTEM First of all Blep has an amazing music system. That Music system contains anything you need. Its all for free we dont charge anything. The music system also supports custom mp3 or any other audio file except midis! The music system also has radio with radio built in from around the globe. Adding more soon! It also has filters that work on anything such as 8D vibrato etc. YET! the music system also offers playlists in which u can add songs or entire youtube playlists. The music system also works with soundcloud, spotify, deezer etc. But searching songs only work with youtube and soundcloud.

FUN AND GAME COMMANDS Blep also has fun commands and games such as snake or tic tac toe. This makes your server a bit fun to talk in. Blep is the bot you need. So invite it now to discover even more of its features that this description didnt cover.

CONFIG SETTINGS Blep offers alot of config settings such as in welcome card where you can set the channel of where to send the message. Same is the case with leave cards. Secondly you can also configure DJ roles with this. this is to prevent other people from ruining your queues in music.

There is even more. But i would like you to check it out yourself. Hope you have a great time using Blep.