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Meembot is an awesome and feature-rich multi-purpose Discord bot, featuring commands ranging from fun to moderation.

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 Status online

 Library discord.js

 Made by iammithani#0

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Meembot is a multi purpose bot with lots of features. From moderation to fun, info utilities to tools, everything. It is a very purposeful and useful bot. You will never regret inviting it to your server. It has 100% slash commands support and is very well optimized for easy use and reliability. Have fun with it :)

Commands: Moderation commands 🛠
Info utilities
Fun 🎉
Logging: 📰

Upcoming features:

We even have a website at https://meembot.pages.dev/

WARNING: Bot is still in development, so you are highly likely to face bugs. Please report them in the support server

You will never regret inviting this bot to your server