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This is a multipurpose discord bot

 Prefix .

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 Library discord.js

 Made by unknown_768979#0

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Hello, My name is Chalos and i am a multipurpose Discord bot with a tons of commands like : Music, Moderation, Utility, Econemy, Giveaway, Backup and more !!

The prefix for the bot is "." and it not changeable. If you need help with any command you can do ".help (command)" If you want to see the bot commands you can do ".help" to see all the bot commands.

  • The bot is sometimes lagging and it make some commands don't work but don't worry about it, The commands should work in a bit.
  • The bot also have nsfw commands, But it only worked on the channel that marked as nsfw if the channel is not marked as nsfw then you can't use the nsfw commands.
  • The bot also nearly online 24/7, so you dont have to worry that the bot will be offline.

So if the bot have any problem you can DM my discord DeadMan#7287 or join my discord server to contact me and i will reply to it.