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Music Chan

Music Chan.

 Prefix chan!

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 Made by ranveersoni#0

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!disconnect -- Disconnects the bot from the voice channel !forward -- Forwards by a certain amount of time !grab -- Saves the current playing song to your DMs !loop -- Toggles looping for the current playing song !lyrics -- Shows The Lyrics of the current track !nowplaying -- Shows what song Rythm is currently playing !pause -- Pauses the current playing track !play -- Play a song from YouTube with the given name/url !playskip -- Skips the current song and plays the song !playtop -- Adds a song with the given query on top of queue !replay -- Resets the progress of the current song !resume -- Resumes paused music !rewind -- Rewinds by a certain amount of time !search -- Searches from Youtube for a song via your query !seek -- Seeks to a certain point in the current track !skip -- Votes to skip the current playing song !soundcloud -- Play a song from SounCloud with the given name/url !clear -- Clears the whole queue !loopqueue -- Toggles looping for the whole queue. !shuffle -- Shuffles the Queue