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IP Insights

IP Insights - Get Informations about IP Adresses and Domains

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 Library DiscordPHP

 Made by ğš‚ğšğšŽğš’ğš—ğ™»ğšŠğš›ğšŸğšŽ#2354

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General Information

This is a Bot wich allows you to get Informations about IP Adresses and Domains.

You can get different types Informations with this bot, like GeoIP or Whois Information(see Commands).

The generated reports are both clear and Informative.

New features get added from Time to Time. You can also Suggest new features via Discord or Email

Invite the Bot / Web Version


  • /​l​o​o​k​u​p​ [INSERT IP ADRESS / DOMAIN HERE] - Lookup Informations about Ip adresses or Domains
  • /whois [INSERT IP ADRESS / DOMAIN HERE] - Get WHOIS Informations about a IP adress or Domain
  • /d​n​s​l​o​o​k​u​p [INSERT DOMAIN HERE] - Lookup DNS Records for a specific Domain
  • /p​i​n​g​ [INSERT IP ADRESS / DOMAIN HERE] - Ping an IP adress or Domain

  • /website - Get a Link to a Website that does the Same
  • /about - Get Informations About this Bot
  • /help - Get this list of Commands

Example Reports:

/lookup Example Report

/whois Example Report

/dnslookup Example Report

/ping Example Report