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Bekasi Bot

You can use this Bot to create an warn for someone and much more!

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 Made by Hybird#6521

 In 34 Servers

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ABOUT THE PROJECT: So this Bot works for the needs of the admins. This bot is from Indonesia. INFO:

| Admin Commands: ( Required Permissions: ADMINISTRATOR )

  • Help = To see any commands.
  • Warn = To warn someone.
  • Warnings = To see what mistakes people have made.
  • Clearwarnings = To erase someone's mistakes.
  • Mute = To mute someone.
  • Unmute = To stop mute people.
  • Ban = Bans a User from the Server.
  • SoftBan = Soft ban a user from the server. Removes all their messages from chat and kicks them. Kick = Kicks a user from the server

    | General Commands:( Required Permissions: @everyone )

  • Ping = To see the ping of Bekasi Bot.
  • Info-Bot = To view information about Bekasi Bot.
  • Bekasi Website = To Get The Link Of Bekasi Website.
  • Bekasi-List = To see in which website list is there a Bekasi bot to show. INSTRUCTIONS: Just invite this Bot and use it INVITATION:
  • Invite = bit.ly/bekasibot-invite
  • Alt-Invite = bit.ly/bekasibot-altinvite


  • Created By = Hybird
  • Supported By = Pasɐɐ